care for every

well-loved pet picky pup finicky feline furry friend

We believe you deserve a tail-wag
worthy customer experience.

Pet-friendly dose forms

Meeting the needs of even

the most finicky pets

Compassionate support

Responsive customer

service, no waiting on hold

Fast, free shipping

70% of orders shipped same day,

and convenient Autoship available


An experience as unique as your pet

Rather than fit your pet into the one-size-fits-all mold the pharmaceutical companies developed, we’re able to take into account your pet’s individual needs and customize a medication to meet their specific needs.


What to expect
as a pet owner?

You’ll typically receive your pet’s medications within 48 hours of payment



Pet Owner Information

Compounding is the science of uniquely customizing medications specifically for a patient. Whether it is in an easy to administer form, more exact strength, or a product that is not available any other way, our team is dedicated to personalized medications to fit all of our unique patients’ needs.

Generally orders ship within 24 hours of finalizing payment and making any final selections.  This can be done in the portal here, or by calling our pharmacy support team at (833) HI-BRAVA

Our pharmacists call every pet owner to ensure that your needs are met.  This is required by law in many states, but we’re also here to help any time you want to call us as well.

We provide free ground shipping on all orders over $45.

Customers generally receive their medications within 2-3 days.

If you need guaranteed 2-day service, we offer that for $12.50 charge.

Next day service is available for $22.50.  All medications that are temperature sensitive will ship next day to ensure quality.

To call our pharmacies for a refill, please use the phone number below

  • Brava Pharmacy: (888) 855-6337
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